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Dec 29, 2012 1:30pm PST
prescription drugs. taking a deadly toes. dose. ♪ [ phone ringing ] >> this is deborah. >> hello. i'm a little concerned i may have taken something that wasn't good for me on accident. [ phone ringing ] >> i took methadone from my grandpa. >> okay. >> and they were ten milligrams. >> what you're listening to are actual calls at the washington poison center in seattle. >> just drowsy, okay. >> and lately, more and more of them sound something like this. >> yesterday i took about 90 milligrams of perkocet. >> oh, you did? >> 6:00, i wasn't really thinking, and i did a bar of xanax and i'm reading this stuff online about how that's a lethal combination. i have a lot of friends who died in my sleep and i just wasn't really thinking. so now i'm wondering if i should stay up tonight. >> that kind of call to me is really scary. >> oh, it is scary. >> what goes through your mind? >> i would be very frightened about that young man not making it through the night. >> dr. bill hurley is the medical director of the poison center. he's also a trauma doctor. >> possibly too many of his meds, they're not sur
Dec 21, 2012 11:35pm PST
of them. they bully you. >> reporter: deborah magguard, former leader in the house of representatives, life-long member of the nra, a staunch conservative. she supported gun rights throughout her career, earning an a-plus rating from the nra, until this year. when she opposed a bill allowing tennesseeans to carry guns in cars. >> never voted against them but the one time we say, wait a minute. this is really not a good idea, they came after me as hard as they could. >> reporter: they sure did. billboards pairing maggard with president obama. the kiss of death for tennessee republicans. flyers, newspaper ads. internet videos. >> both say they support our second amendment rights but they both worked against our freedoms behind closed doors. >> they prey on your fears and they know most people won't have the courage to stand up to them. >> reporter: but deborah maggard did and paid the price. she lost her race to the nra backed challenger. that's the way the nra has long operated, striking fear into the hearts of republicans and democrats alike. in this year's presidential campaign, repu
Dec 28, 2012 11:30am PST
. >> all right. curtis, is this baggage something you can handle? >> deborah, i accept your baggage. >> whoa! congratulations. curtis and deborah, roma beach we'll see you next time. nicely done. congratulations. >> i'm really glad that you were able to accept my baggage. that's huge and major for me. >> you're going to have to i guess work that out. >> yeah. >> it's been a long time. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >>> a high speed chase in oakland kills an innocent victim and injuries several hours. i'm eric thomas, in for kristen sze. >>> and i'm cheryl jennings. a car took off and crashed into a car at 98th and stanley in oakland. >> reporter: we just got the name of the driver of that bmw. he is 34-year-old saint dewan moore he's in custody, he will be facing serious charges for hitting a lincoln that had five inside, one person was killed. chp officers say the driver of this bmw stopped when they pulled him over. as they walked up to his car, he took off and caused a fatal car accident. they don't know why. >> does not appear to be that the bmw was stolen. we are
Dec 1, 2012 9:30pm PST
lieutenant frank lee, frank can you wave? lieutenant una bailey. lieutenant deborah. sergeant cox. mark is our assistant district attorney, who we work very closely with and lorrie in the back. stephanie over here. did i miss anyone? we couldn't do what we do at richmond station without all of these staff members who are really committed. and all of the lieutenants that work at richmond station also do a lot community. frank has been coaching for years vanadium is the president of the lgbt group and not a day goes by that i don't get a mention of gratitude from the community for her service, so thank you for that. the richmond district is rich, we have a very diverse culture. it's a really wonderful place to be and see all of the neat traditions and everybody sharing together. in order to protect life, property and prevent crime and reduce the fear of crime, we will provide service with understanding, response and compassion, performance with integrity and law enforcement with vision. and i can say that my staff helps formulate the vision each and every day. i also work very closely wit
Dec 21, 2012 4:00pm PST
rehearing of 12- -- at that time the boardd:÷d voted 3-0 to uphold the?@ in appeal 12-112 is deborah stott and the letter of determination is request to extend expiration date. and we will start with the requester. because there are two requests, you will have six minutes to present your case. >> i just want to note for the record i did view the video of october 24th on this matter and i'm able to sit for this matter today. >> i also reviewed the video, and i'm able to determine -- to view this as well. >> can we'::l2ú turn this on. >> continue the overhead and refer to it. >> thank you. bret gladstone aside from me is david nale my client. david has had hiv and has been taking a very intense drug for 20 years which has as we've mentioned before impeded. one of the reasons that he's/%($r$ been impeded from completing the garage. the other included two appeals, one was a appeal to your boardq several years ago on whether or not he should have a graj at all, followed by a permit appeal to the planning commission on wh
Dec 28, 2012 11:00pm EST
by her mother deborah. >> she did not have a wheelchair. she crawled on the floor. she was very anemic and was not expected to live languishings but being part of the clarksville family she grew into a champion both physically and socially. this is tatiana at the russian orphanage she was adopted from, serving as an inspiration for the children and staff there. and this is her trying to deliver a petition begging the president to not sign the law he did today which in fact devoys the opportunity -- destroys the opportunity she had with an american family. her story powerful enough for anybody, anybody but the russian president. >> he just nailed the lid in the coffins. shame on him. shame on him for saying here's an ultimatum. i'm angry at the u.s. for something else. let's use the children as pawns. >> reporter: mcfaden should know. not only did she adopt one of her daughters from russian, she studied in moscow, ran her own adoption agency for 20 years and her nieces and nephews were adopted from russia too. conner and jack mcfaden are fraternal twins who would have been separated. at
Dec 2, 2012 2:00pm PST
>>> good afternoon, everyone. i'm deborah feyerick in for fredericka wit field, you are in the cnn newsroom. an emotional day for the kansas city chiefs, the team played their nfl game and won, despite the tragic loss of a team member. linebacker jovan belcher reportedly killed his girlfriend yesterday and then drove to the stadium where he killed himself while his coaches and teammates watched in disbelieve. ed lavender are is in kansas city, missouri right now and, ed, this has been a tough day for the coach, a tough die for the players, what did they say after the game? >> reporter: you know this team, despite having faced this tragedy just a day before this game was scheduled, it went on as planned here in kansas city. a very subdued feeling inside the stadium throughout the game. this was clearly not a typical nfl football game. a much different mood in kansas city, known for having very vivacious and excitable fans. despite owl of this that the team was dealing with the saincs won the football game. >> it's hard when things happen like this, you can't undo them you have to re
Dec 28, 2012 5:00am EST
. day. it is deborah lewis williams. deborah says she wanted to be picked for so long, she has been screaming, waving and doing the cabbage patch to get our attention. >> you know the cabbage patch. you do it every day. >> i don't remember it being a dance. >> thank you very much for doing all that, trying to be fan of the day. we appreciate t for your chance to be monday's fan of the day, log onto our facebook page and post a comment under our picture. >> be sure to like our fan opinion as well. >> cabbage patch! >> congratulations, deborah.
Dec 23, 2012 5:00am EST
to christmas a few days early. deborah weiner has that story. >> it was an awfully cold day to wait outside for a party, but the promise of a free children's christmas warmed up the spirits of needy families in curtis bay. >> 2012 santa is here to see efb! >> merry christmas! merry christmas! >> santa's arrival was the big moment and each child who came to the party got to meet him. each child received a gift from a huge mound of presents donated by the curtis bay athletic club. for 43 years the athletic club has thrown its party and one of its members has been there every time. >> kind of breaks me up. this is the only thing. >> it's a special day for me but a my daughter's 2 years old and actually gets a present. >> wow. a new barbie! >> best day of the year. it is. actually better than christmas because you see thee kids. they enjoy it. the parents are thavengful for it. makes you feel good to be able to see something for people and their community. >> one child told us what he wanted did not come in a box. perhaps understanding a deeper meaning of the holidays, even at his young age. >>
Dec 19, 2012 5:00pm PST
the computer. deborah, one of the questions that is still unanswered is why this person chose this school we are learning now of the connection? >> the connection is that he actually went there. he went to sandy hook elementary school. he was in the first, the third the 4th and the 5th grade. he was six years old when his family moved into this house. we have seen a photo of a t-shirt that the classmates signed his name on the t-shirt and a former classmate said that she used to ride the bus with him to the school. and the school bus today stopped no more than 50 feet from his ho home. but that is the connection. we have confirmed that he in fact attended numerous grades. so even though officials say he had no recent connection, he had a connection to that school. there were reports that the shooter was home alone in the days leading up to friday. what do you know about that? the mother left the gunman alone in the home for several days prior to the massacre. our colleague has confirmed that the mother traveled to new hampshire left here early tuesday and returned after dark on thursday. the
Dec 1, 2012 8:30am PST
, please fill out a card. i'll call the two that i have. jamie whit -- whitaker and deborah bennedict. >>> hello, supervisors, my name is deborah bennedict. i'm a housing advocate for seniors and disabled through the senior disabled action housing collaborative. i am here to ask for you to please consider the fact that seniors are not actually the target market for these units and they are not appropriate for seniors. there might be homeless seniors, perhaps, that can use these, but we already have the tenderloin and we already have this development. as the supervisor mentioned, this is against the studies, the regional studies for housing needs and the housing needs as proven by a study group is for low-income family housing, not for single individual housing. the tenderloin and lots of low-income housing developers are focused on that type of housing. so, if, in fact, this is for, as the people on the radio said today, successfully used in other cities specifically for young beginning workers, please remove any reference to seniors because, in fact, seniors will not be in this housi
Dec 28, 2012 7:00am EST
fan of the day. and today we say hello to deborah lewis williams. isn't she pretty? >> beautiful. >> deborah says she's wanted to be picked for so long that she's been screaming, waving and doing the cabbage patch to get our attention. wisdom is doing it. we don't have a camera on him. she tunes into fox 5 morning every morning to start the day with our news team. we thank you for that, deborah and we wish you all the best in the new year. for your chance to be monday's fan, go to our facebook page and post a comment under her picture, and like our fan page. >> like us. >> yes. >>> 2012 left us with a lot to talk about. >> let's take a look back. >> alabama gets a second chance and makes the most of it. they win the bcs championship behind coach nick saban. >> game ends here. incomplete. and the new york giants are the super bowl champs. >> superior team all season long, and the superior team tonight. and the kentucky coronation is complete. champions, 2012! >> did they do it? oh, what a shot. >> incredible. >> another watson green jacket at augusta. >> anti-doping agency accusin
Dec 15, 2012 10:00am PST
, connecticut, the scene of the horrific elementary school rampage. >> and i'm deborah feyerick here live in atlanta. >> i want to tell you, viewers, this is hard and over the next two hours know that we are doing something that's really hard and unprecedented, not dealing with what the families are dealing with, obviously, who have suffered such tragedy but to have to come and report on 20 children dead is almost unfate th unfathomable. the church is keeping their doors open and are not allowing the media to come in here. this search is open for 24 hours. they have lost members of their own church. again, this is hard. i can speak for myself and deb feyerick, we will try to speak as calm and comforting as we can and sometimes we won't get things right. we're learning a lot of information just as you are learning it here. we're going to be try to be as respectful as possible. we did not speak with children on camera without the parents' permission. as we say that, bear with us here and we're going to try to go through this without breaking down. this is really tough for everyone involved
Dec 2, 2012 11:30am PST
. >>> hi, everyone. and thanks for joining us here in the cnn newsroom. i'm deborah feyerick in for frederica whitfield. >>> a sad day in football. as we speak the kansas city chiefs are playing their nfl game despite the tragic loss of a team member, linebacker jovan belcher shot his girlfriend yesterday, then drove to the team practice facility and killed himself, pulling the trigger while his coach and general manager watched in disbelief. belcher and his girlfriend recently celebrated the birth of their 3-month-old daughter. casey wian, what are investigators learning about why apparently belcher did this? >> reporter: police are telling us at this hour there was some sort of an argument in the hours before the shooting of kasandra perfect kikin perkins, early saturday morning. neighbors said they never heard the couple fighting. they've been living together in the neighborhood for about a year, seemed to be getting along fine. both very happy after the birth of their daughter three months ago on september 11. i spoke with belcher's agent who also happens to be the agent
Dec 26, 2012 7:00am EST
, penguin, and sponsors amazon, google, harper collins, stephen king, and deborah wiley, thank you. [applause] now for something special. i'd like to acknowledge in our audience the winners of our fourth annual innovation and reading prize funded by the lavender foundation. if you are worried about the next generation of book lovers, just listen to this list and again hold your applause until i'm finished. we have with us tonight 15 year old lily-white from coral gables. she started a giving library in a homeless shelter where kids could take as many books as they wanted that they within own, not borrow. in chicago, reading against the odds enhance the critical thinking skills of adult literacy learners by introducing them to challenging, intellectually challenging books at the library in colorado, a group of teenagers calling themselves the interesting readers society produced unique books for television programmi programming. in portland, oregon, street books at the library for people who live on the streets, clinton books by bicycle, and memphis, tennessee, wheelman read, brings
Dec 11, 2012 7:00am PST
is on the left, deborah kenny on the right, in case you were confused. they're working together. they're with us next on,,,,,,,,, ♪ >>> i see john legend's fingerprints all over that. the song "we rise" written by nine-time grammy winner, that would be john legend. he also inspired the title of deborah kennykenny's memoir "bo rise." the story of one of the most influential educators. now john is donating tens of thousands of copies of the book to america's teachers for the holidays. nice, welcome to you two. >> good morning. >> john, i know you know a good book when you see one. i also know you're a cheerleader for deborah kenny and what she does at the harlem academy. education a really personal thing for you. how come? >> i know it meant a lot it me and still means a lot it me that i was able to get a good education. and i know that too many kids in this country aren't able to get one. for this country to believe in the american dream, to believe in opportunities for everybody, we've got to make sure that an opportunity start when they're children and they have the ability to go to a good sc
Nov 30, 2012 6:30pm PST
. >> this is for deborah sellers of sellers market. also, at stevenson and second. 240 feet away from 84 second. her points that she wanted me to make were the landscape going forward for the city and downtown area and risks to us all. right now, there are in this, and some of this information that i got from a documentary on trucks in san francisco last week. how timely. 75 mffs from the downtown area, and reported 350 in the city. and on the tail end of the report it mentioned, only one health inspector for those 350 vendors. and that could be verified but that is what i heard. but if you do the math, a normal restaurant has four inspections a year. so if you do the math on 350, that is 1400 inspections a year, for one health inspect or, if this is really what is going on, it is putting the consumers at health risk. that is point one, like for like, again, restating that 80 percent of all business before 10:00 o'clock is coffee, if you don't have coffee, you don't sell anything during that period of time in all of the restaurants along the second street corridor and my building, i am involved because i h
Dec 3, 2012 12:30pm PST
artists. welcome to the show, deborah. tell us how this program began 20 years ago. >> the program began 20 years ago. our founder was an environmentalist and an activist and an artist in the 1970's. she started these street sweeping campaigns in the city. she started with kids. they had an exhibition at city hall. city officials heard about her efforts and they invited her to this facility. we thought it would coincide with our efforts to get folks to recycle, it is a great educational tool. since then, we have had 95 professional artists come through. >> how has the program changed over the years? how has the program -- what can the public has an artist engage with? >> for the most part, we worked with metal and wood, what you would expect from a program like ours. over the years, we tried to include artists and all types of mediums. conceptual artists, at installation, photographers, videographers. >> that has really expanded the program out. it is becoming so dynamic right now with your vision of interesting artists in gauging here. why would an artist when to come here? >> mainly, a
Dec 19, 2012 11:30pm PST
-month period to encourage the owners of these buildings to do the work. >> i'm sorry, deborah, just a point of clarification. you said reducing the permit, you mean reducing the permit fee? >> sorry, commissioner lee. >> i would suggest that. i think any late property owners applying will pay the full fee and maybe we can recoup part of that. >> see how they feel at the end of the day it's all good work if they buy into this. >> absolutely. >> sorry, commissioner lee. >> i just want to encourage some of the previous speakers, please come back in a couple months because i think a lot of times, no disrespect to the legislature, we pass legislation and it makes everybody feel good but i am really interested in the implementation. so please come and tell us that the phone jacks are in or not, or the grab bars are in or not, and that it's working. and if it's not then hold us accountable for the violations and, you know, let us know that this is happening and hopefully with the incentive, the fee waivers, people will get it done. but i would really like to reinvite everybody back in a coupl
Dec 25, 2012 6:00am PST
, possibly as thin as the ipad mini. >> here's bloomberg reporter deborah costra. >>> good morning. merry christmas if you want to keep holidays merry and avoid unexpected medical bills remove all medications from cabinets into a secure area to protect loved ones who might be visiting, they can be taken by mistake or worse. more than half of the people addicted to prescription drugs got them from family and families and unfortunately, for free. meantime, ups taking a break after the holidays, more consumers shop online they will probably have to return or exchange unwanted gifts, ups expects to transport more than two million packages back to retailers during the first week of january next year. january 3rd, national return day. investors remain skeptical that congress and president obama can reach agreement on the budget. that sent stocks lower and the markets are closed today for christmas holiday. if you are still undecided about what to do for new years hotwire out with most popular destinations orlando number one, many of the theme parks have celebrations. chicago and las vegasyq,Ñ
Dec 28, 2012 11:00pm PST
touched me. so when deborah appeared again, you know. >> deborah came and you said. >> like minner va-- minerva, then, and she invited me there. >> after again insisting and insisting, i thought they are asking me to go there. so maybe really they want me there. i don't know. i'm not young but i'm not that old to --nd so why not, this will certainly be the last engagement with an organize tra, not because there is no time. conductors sometime live too long, you know. and i said if a conductor from the room, from the door on the stage to the podium needs more than 30 seconds, it's time to retire. >> rose: it's a physical thing. >> absolutement. >> rose: but you have no great unfull if filled dream in music si. >> rose: think of the stops you've made and where you are, and you say this is the last stop as conductornd as music director of a great symphony. >> si, the last one. also because i think it is the bestment and so this is really-- . >> rose: the best orchestra in the world today is the one you conduct now? >> you know, to say the best is always very difficult. because you would
Dec 23, 2012 9:00am EST
. >>> yesterday, nearly 150 area children were treated to christmas a few days early. deborah weiner has the story. >> it was an awfully cold day to wait outside for a party, but the promise of a free children's christmas warmed up the spirits of children in christmas bay. >> merry christmas! merry christmas! >> santa's arrival was as it always is the big moment and each child who came to the party got to beat him. each child received the gifts donated by the curtis bay athletic club. for 43 years the athletic club has thrown this party and one of its members has been there every time. >> kind of breaks me out. this is the only christmas some of them see. >> it is a special day for me. my daughter is 2 years old. gets to know what christmas is really about this time. >> wow. a new barbie! >> best day of the year. it is. it's better than christmas. they enjoy it. parents are thankful for it. makes you feel good. >> one child told us what he wanted did not come in a box. perhaps understanding a deeper meaning of the holiday, even at his young age. >> family and friends for christmas. that's all i re
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 174 (some duplicates have been removed)